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09 Zeronine Dekalkit Honda Fasthouse Edition (Inkl. eget namn & nr)

09 Zeronine Dekalkit Honda Fasthouse Edition (Inkl. eget namn & nr)

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All 09 Zeronine graphic kits are custom printed to order. Manufactured with premium high bond adhesives and ultra conformable laminates, to ensure your graphics will last as good as they look!

Includes your race number and rider name printed on front number plate and both side panels.

  • Left and right hand radiator shroud decals
  • Left and right hand side panel decals
  • Front number plate decal
  • Front and rear fender decals
  • Lower fork guard decals
  • Swing arm decals ( where applicable )
  • Air Box decals ( where applicable )
  • Race number printed on all three plates
  • Rider name printed on all three plates
  • Fitting instructions and 3M prep wipe

  • USA premium quality, extreme high bonding adhesive
  • USA premium quality, hard wearing conformable laminate
  • Super high gloss, vivid rich colours
  • Subsurface digitally printed
  • Superior fitment and easy installation due to our unique cut-lines
  • Race tested and developed for over 25 years at Grand Prix level
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